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The automobile industry is an important force to drive a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation. It is an important support for building a strong manufacturing country and a significant pillar of national economy. As the development trend for the future auto industry, intelligent connected vehicles (ICVs) have received great attention at the national level in recent years. The strategy of a strong manufacturing country clearly defines developing ICVs t.......... more>>
With the deep integration of the new-generation information technology and manufacturing technology, the entire business format and value chain system of the automobile and related industries are .......... more>>
Time: October 18th -21st, 2018 Venue: Beijing National Convention Center This exhibition consists of two sections, namely energy saving and new energy vehicles exhibition, and international ICVs and related industry exhibition. It has featured exhibition areas including the Vehicle Pavilion, Key Parts Pavilion, International Pavilion, ICVs Display Zone, Pilot Cities Pavilion, Charging Pile and BMS Display Zone, Intelligent Transportation Exhibition Zone, New Energy and Materials Pavilion, Artifi.......... more>>

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