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1. Filling in the Information
Welcome to the World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference!
Please fill in the registration information truthfully. You will obtain the qualification to participate after the organizing committee's examination and approval. The organizing committee staff will inform the participants before October 10. We will guarantee the security of your personal information. The personal information filled in is only used for the contact of the conference without disclosure to the public.
Due to the traffic congestion around the venue during the conference, in order to enable you to attend the conference on time, it is suggested that you choose subway, bus and other public transport modes to travel. Pay attention to the weather and prepare rain gear.
Filling in the Information
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2. Choosing Forums
Intelligent connected vehicles (ICVs) are an emerging product of accelerating cross-border integration and transformation in information and communication, Internet, big data, artificial intelligence, and road transportation industries. They are the commanding heights of global industrial innovation hotspots and future development. Driving transformation and upgrading of auto industry and developing ICVs industry has become an important carrier for implementing the national strategy. In order to build an international exchange platform for communication between China and the world, and promote the formation of a new ecology beneficial to the development of ICVs industry, the Beijing Municipal People's Government and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will jointly organize "World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference" in Beijing on October 18-21, 2018.
Forums You Are Interested In (Multiple Choices Allowed)
Main Forum: Opening a New Era of Vehicles
14:00-18:00   PM
Industrial Ecology and Policy Environment of ICVs
09:00-11:30   AM
System Innovation and Advanced Application
09:00-11:40   AM
Future Mobility and Urban Intelligent Transportation
09:00-11:45   AM
Frontier of Key Technologies for ICVs
09:00-11:35   AM
Internet and NEVs
14:00-17:15   PM
International Cooperation Roundtable (Closed Meeting)
14:00-17:15   PM
Academician Lecture: AI and Automobile
09:00-12:00   AM
Future Vehicle Developers Conference
14:00-17:15   PM
High-level Dialogue
09:00-12:00   AM
Closing Ceremony
14:00-16:00   PM

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