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Exhibition Introduction

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Time: October 18th -21st, 2018

Venue: Beijing National Convention Center

This exhibition consists of two sections, namely energy saving and new energy vehicles exhibition, and international ICVs and related industry exhibition. It has featured exhibition areas including "the Vehicle Pavilion", "Key Parts Pavilion", "International Pavilion", "ICVs Display Zone", "Pilot Cities Pavilion", "Charging Pile and BMS Display Zone", "Intelligent Transportation Exhibition Zone", "New Energy and Materials Pavilion", "Artificial Intelligence and IT Pavilion", "Comprehensive Exhibition Area" and "Beijing Exhibition Area", presenting an all-round demonstration of new energy vehicles, ICVs, key components and upstream and downstream industry chain at home and abroad, as well as the latest technologies and achievements in related fields.

The exhibition will cover seven major fields: automobile industry, intelligent transportation industry, Internet industry, communications industry, microelectronics industry, artificial intelligence industry and new energy industry. The exhibitors include mainstream enterprises in auto and key parts industry at home and abroad, "new power" in new energy and ICVs area, battery, electric motor control and other key parts enterprises, related suppliers from charging facilities and upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. In addition, the exhibition will invite domestic and foreign mainstream Internet enterprises, communications enterprises and related institutions, intelligent transportation enterprises and institutions, and microelectronics and new energy enterprises and institutions.

Up to now, more than 150 well-known enterprises such as FAW, Dongfeng, SAIC, BAIC, GAC, BMW, Volkswagen, BYD and Chery have registered to participate in this exhibition. The number of audiences is expected to reach 100,000.


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